Fundamentals of Acoustics

1. 1. Basics – Signals und sound

  • characteristics of signals and sound
    • description of harmonic quantities
    • statistical quantities for describing signals
  • sound pressure level (SPL)
    • definition of sound pressure level
    • summation of sound pressure levels
    • averaging
  • Bandpass filter – Third octave and octave filters
  • Sound power and sound power level

2. Perception and evaluation of sound signals

  • weighting in frequency domain
  • weighting in time domain
  • rating of sound, rating level according to TA Lärm

3. Sound propagation in free field

  • plane wave
  • impedance
  • sound intensity
  • spherical wave

4. Sound reflection, sound transmission and sound absorption

  • power balance
  • surface impedance und reflection factor
  • sound insulation

5. Fundamentals of room acoustics

  • reverberation time of rooms
  • reverberation time and sound absorption
  • sound power and sound pressure in the diffuse sound field
  • sound pressure level and sound power level in rooms
  • technical sound absorbers