Seminars & Workshops

Fundamentals of Acoustics

Duration 1 Day (1 x 8 UE)

Date 24.09.2024 und auf Anfrage / 820,- EUR

Location Dresden/ Inhouse/ Web

Speaker Prof. J. Hübelt

Precondition -

Content of the seminar Basics of technical acoustics is the definition of the most important physical quantities and terms in the field of acoustics. In the following, the basic effects of sound propagation in fluids are shown. The basics of room acoustics are presented in the last past of the training course.

All along, practical experiments and exemplary measurements are carried out to demonstrate the gained knowledge in the field of technical acoustics.

Sound Absorber and Silencer

Duration 2 Tage (2x 8 UE)

Date 25.09.2024 and on demand / 1600 EUR

Location Dresden/ Inhouse/ Web

Speaker Prof. J. Hübelt and S. Kluth

Precondition Fundamentals of Acoustics (recommended)

Focus of the seminar Acoustic design of mufflers and sound absorbers is the acoustic dimensioning of silencers and mufflers for machines and devices, vehicles, ventilation systems, power plants and other noise emitting systems with ducts. With respect to the optimization of the acoustic efficiency of absorption mufflers, it is dealt with the characterization and the physical modeling of porous absorbers in detail.

The focus of the second day of the training course lies on the computational acoustic design of sound absorbers, silencers and mufflers in combination with the evaluation of silencers and mufflers by means of acoustic measurements. Thereby different tools of the Gesellschaft für Akustikforschung are applied.