Fundamentals of Acoustics


Duration 1 Day (1 x 8 UE)

Date 24.09.2024 und auf Anfrage / 820,- EUR

Location Dresden/ Inhouse/ Web

Speaker Prof. J. Hübelt

Precondition -

Content of the seminar Basics of technical acoustics is the definition of the most important physical quantities and terms in the field of acoustics. In the following, the basic effects of sound propagation in fluids are shown. The basics of room acoustics are presented in the last past of the training course.

All along, practical experiments and exemplary measurements are carried out to demonstrate the gained knowledge in the field of technical acoustics.

1. 1. Basics – Signals und sound

  • characteristics of signals and sound
    • description of harmonic quantities
    • statistical quantities for describing signals
  • sound pressure level (SPL)
    • definition of sound pressure level
    • summation of sound pressure levels
    • averaging
  • Bandpass filter – Third octave and octave filters
  • Sound power and sound power level

2. Perception and evaluation of sound signals

  • weighting in frequency domain
  • weighting in time domain
  • rating of sound, rating level according to TA Lärm

3. Sound propagation in free field

  • plane wave
  • impedance
  • sound intensity
  • spherical wave

4. Sound reflection, sound transmission and sound absorption

  • power balance
  • surface impedance und reflection factor
  • sound insulation

5. Fundamentals of room acoustics

  • reverberation time of rooms
  • reverberation time and sound absorption
  • sound power and sound pressure in the diffuse sound field
  • sound pressure level and sound power level in rooms
  • technical sound absorbers